Effluent Treatment Innovations is a specialist wastewater treatment consultancy company with expertise and experience in all water waste related matters who offer a unique perspective on the client’s wastewater treatment facility by providing essential tools in the forward planning of the wastewater treatment works to accommodate change or growth within their production facility, regardless if the facility needs to treat ever increasing BOD loads or Hydraulic loads.

We take pride in the fact that we successfully work hand in hand with both the client and the Environmental Protection Agency where concerns of regular discharge non-compliance have been raised by offering Risk Management Plans both suited to the EPA and the client’s budget and time frame.

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    Risk Management Consultancy
    Our specialist team will perform a thorough Environmental Assessment and a comprehensive review the current facility, from water source to waterwaste discharge to assess the current status of the facility so that we can determine what is the best course of action to be taken to reach, and most importantly to maintain, the agreed EPA discharge parameters.
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    Risk Reviews and Risk Management Plans
    We compare the environmental assessment and process review with the future vision for the company, ongoing needs and changes of the production facility and assess where the greatest risks lie within the process. We the develop a Risk Management Plan to eliminate those tasks with the cooperation and approval of both the client and the EPA and continue that relationship until we sign off on the project.
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    Project Management
    If the facility is in need of new technologies, equipment and/or complete upgrade to accommodate higher loads and volumes, ETI Consulting can Design and Project Manage the facility changes and then re-train operators and manager for hand-over.
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    Maintenance & Operation
    ETI Consulting will take over the Operation and Maintenance of the facility while upgrades are being completed and can continue to Operate and Maintain the facility indefinitely if so desired. We have particular expertise in installing and operating Preventative Maintenance Programmes on wastewater Treatment Fcilities which ultimately save in long term Operation and Maintenance costs.

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