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ETI Wastewater Consulting is a Risk Management Consultancy Service Provider, specialising in municipal & private water & wastewater treatment, throughout Ireland.


Effluent Treatment Innovations is a specialist wastewater treatment consultancy company with expertise and experience in all water waste related matters who offer a unique perspective on the client’s wastewater treatment facility by providing essential tools in the forward planning of the wastewater treatment works to accommodate change or growth within their production facility, regardless if the facility needs to treat ever increasing BOD loads or Hydraulic loads.

Risk Management Consultancy

Our specialist team will perform a thorough Environmental Assessment and a comprehensive review the current facility...

Risk Reviews and Risk Management Plans

We compare the environmental assessment and process review with the future vision for the company...

Project Management

If the facility is in need of new technologies, equipment and/or complete upgrade to accommodate higher loads and volumes...

Maintenance & Operation

ETI Consulting will take over the Operation and Maintenance of the facility while upgrades are being completed...

We Can Help

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Our Products

PVA-Gel Bio-Carrier

PVA-Gel is a revolutionary new Bio-Carrier for the treatment of all wastewater types, especially those with high BOD Loads and those which regularly produce Shock Loading. Its unique properties make it a very robust addition to your facility because it has the ability to increase to BOD load of your current facility without increasing plant size, it will recover much quicker from shock loading and will produce less sludge waste thereby saving you sludge handling and sludge disposal costs.

For more information on PVA-Gel please visit or email​

Activated Sludge Plant Controller

Your best Plant Operator on site 24/7 – 365 Effluent Treatment Innovations is the Irish Distributor for the Activated Sludge Plant Controller from Strathkelvin Instrument.

The ASP-CON is completely Self Cleaning, Self Calibrating & Autonomous

The ASP-CON can be installed permanently into several different areas in the Secondary Wastewater Treatment Plant to provide feed-forward or feed-back control for plant operation and optimisation.

The ASP-CON achieves these measurements by a combination of mechanical and analytical methods that forms the basis of controlling the secondary treatment process. This also removes the need for manually completed tests, releasing time for other priority ASP-CON carries out several continuous measurements, and also analyses discrete batch samples of the product to give 14 wastewater parameters on a frequency which the plant operator can set. DO, temperature, Ammonium, Potassium, pH, MLSS, SVI, TSS, RAS, Nitrification Levels, Oxygen Uptake Rate, Specific Oxygen Uptake Rate, Critical Oxygen Concentration Points, Toxicity Management tasks.

The ASP-CON instrument uses an innovative system for cleaning and calibrating that extends the service interval time and the design of the sample capture process, which negates problems associated with ragging that afflicts some wastewater treatment plants.

The outcome of an ASP-CON controlled plant will be to achieve compliance for the optimum costs in energy and the reduction of significant CO2 emissions, and liberating labor for other priority tasks.

Exclusively Distributed

These products are exclusively distributed by Effluent Treatment Innovations Ltd in Ireland.

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